Management and Wholesale Services

Facility Management and Wholesale Services for Your Business Needs

From the private to the public sector, PARU LLC has the facility management and whole service capabilities to meet the proposals of large and small companies and organizations. We are a full service provider that provides top of the line itemized and tailored services to our clients. We are a wide range of services that can vary from facility management services to informational technology services. We partner with some of the nations largest manufacturers to offer an in depth line card for companies desiring certain products. We are a point to point firm who looks for data driven solutions for commercial and government institutions.

Project Management

We at PARU LLC recognize our client' needs for optimized project management. To make it all work, PARU creates update simplified plans to ensure that project management is a seamless process. Our innovative strategy allows PARU to bridge current existing projects with updated technological advancements. Ensuring staff is well trained allows our clients to run turn key operations for all of their projects. PARU believes that the key to scaling is ensuring that every stage of the project process is met with outstanding management. We are able to couple this with horizontal integration in order to ensure that we have a tight knit partnership with existing firms whose experience supersedes our own. Our partnerships allow us to implement strategies to allows us to meet our objectives before expectations.

Wholesale Services


Our objective is to cooperate with manufacturers, distributors, and everyday customers to provide the latest products at the most competitive prices. We use PARU logistics to secure partnerships with manufacturers in order to compete with the largest e-commerce and B&M retailers. As a result, we offer the best prices guaranteed.


Our clientele is not limited to indivdual customers. We have a dedicated network that is always looking for new and innovative products. We offer these products in our direct pipeline to startups and existing businesses that set the trends for corporate culture.


Big or small, we work to secure internet and B&M traffic. Let us be your virtual and physical showroom. Using our targeted advertising techniques, we ensure maximum exposure for your new or existing brands. Say goodbye to fighting for shelf room!


We make full use of the latest technologies, whether it is using tablet-powered POS systems or advanced shipping software. Our reduction in processing time allows us to translate our savings to our customers. The days of missed and dropped orders are over.


PARU uses an innovative solution which combines the strengths of offline and online sales. In our stores, customers can demo and purchase items. Our virtual integration allows us to minimize overhead costs by offering our complete online catalog to in-store customers.


We are an extremely efficient company and make the effort to always reduce our carbon footprint. Whether it is investing in eco-friendly shipping supplies or selling high efficiency LEED-friendly products, the environment always comes first. We reduce paper usage and encourage reuse.